We are just back from our weekend getaway to Palma. We had such a lovely time that I thought it might be nice to share what we enjoyed and recommend.

I had been told by so many people how beautiful this city was, if I’m honest I hadn’t ever really looked it up? But when we decided we wanted to book a weekend away I was instantly drawn to the idea of Palma. It is only a short flight away, just under two hours. It has plenty of nice restaurants and bars. And this will sound awful, but there isn’t much sight seeing to do there! I know that isn’t the usual thing to look for when booking a city break, but I knew I wanted to use this weekend to completely relax, if we had gone somewhere with loads of sights to see I knew we would have done one of two things. Drag ourselves around everything and came home knackered, Or choose to just chill and then feel guilty for not doing enough – see there is method in my madness (sometimes).

So Palma it was!

Flights were super straight forward, Easyjet fly from Luton so for us that was a no brainer. We got the early 6am flight on Friday morning, in hignsight I wish we had just flown late on Thursday evening. We ended up being pretty knackered all day Friday, and although we still got out and about I did feel as though I was flagging by the afternoon. The flights back were perfect, we got the 10am which meant we was back home Sunday by 12pm and still had the afternoon to get organised ready for Monday.

When I say I spent hours and hours looking at hotels I am not exaggerating. There are just SO many in Palma, and they all look so beautiful! I went straight to and put our search criteria in, I then put any hotels I like into TripAdvisor just to get a general feel for what the feedback is like, I always take anything I read on there with a pinch of salt, I just don’t know many people that would log on and write a positive review if they have had a nice trip, most people wouldn’t spend the time doing that. It is only really when people have something to complain about that they would go to the effort?!

So once I had done my research on TripAdvisor and short listed some hotels I then turn to Instagram. I literally use this app as a search engine lately, I put all the hotel names in and checked out their pages and also look at peoples tag photos and videos. I find you can really get a feel for what a place is like by doing this. You literally see so much more than what you would if you just booked straight off the info given on

I finally narrowed it down to our hotel, NAKAR HOTEL.

I was instantly drawn to this hotel because of its rooftop. There was a beautiful infinity pool that looked across the skyline of Palma, which had the most amazing view of the Cathedral. The roof top also turned into a bar at night which I thought was pretty cool. We are always trying to find a nice little bar when we are abroad, so this was just perfect that there was one in our hotel! The bedrooms in the Hotel were super modern, another thing I always look for. I am a bit picky and just don’t like dated decor, I like things to be clean, white and fresh. I know some people think its only somewhere you sleep at night, but I really like to feel comfortable in my surroundings when I am not at home!

The hotel didn’t disappoint, when we turned up we couldn’t believe how good the location was? It was near to loads of shops, bars and restaurants but far away enough that it wasn’t noisy. The staff were really helpful, we turned up at 10am and our room wan’t due to be ready until 3pm. They took our luggage and showed us where we could get changed, we went out for a few hours to explore and by the time we were back they had our room ready for us.

I would 100% recommend a stay at NAKAR you would not be disappointed. The Strawberry Daiquiris are insane, The shower is the best I’ve ever had and the facilities and location are just perfect.

The best Strawberry Daiquiris EVER.

Things to do in Palma – I won’t lie we probably didn’t see half the things that we could have, but we didn’t want to go sight seeing. On the first day we took a wonder, quite literally just started walking with no destination in mind. Before we knew it I looked up and saw the most amazing Cathedral. We had spotted it on the taxi ride to the hotel but I thought it would have been a really long walk away, turns out its only about 15 minutes away by foot. It honestly was breathe taking, I was recommend to anyone to just have a little walk up there to see it.

The Cathedral we somehow ‘stumbled’ across?!

In fact most the buildings in Palma are gorgeous, even all the little alleyways and cobbled streets were special. The architecture made the whole trip for me, it felt so clean and friendly.

Food – we had been given so many recommendations and I had been searching on TripAdvisor for the best places to eat. But I really do think the best places are the ones you stumble across, they become your own little finds and make your own experience unique. I think people have so many different restaurants to recommend when it comes to Palma because there are so many good ones. We had all intentions to try some of the ones that were sent to us but we ended up just going for a wonder and finding what we thought looked nice!

I’ll give you the names of where we went but I really would recommend just going with the flow and seeing what you come across!

Breakfast – Cappuccino Palma

Italian Dinner – RIBELLO

Tapas – Cafe Set

Lunch – Gastrobar Casal Solleric

The company – I think it is so so easy to just get stuck in the same old routine at home without really seeing or enjoying each others company. Wether it is being busy with work, running after the children or just feeling like you have a million things going on. Sometimes you can forget how important your relationship is to you? This is always the main reason behind any type of trip, day out or even just a child free meal. To get time to be a couple again, I know it’s super cliche but my husband really is my best friend, we laugh until we cry. For me it is so important to keep our friendship strong as that is the basis of the our entire life we have built together.

This was our first time leaving Monroe for more than one night, she has had sleepovers before but never longer – I must admit after the excitement of booking a getaway had worn off I started to feel anxious. We are extremely lucky that both our Dads are really hands on and actually ask to have them. We decided to divide the childcare up between the both of them, basically because they both said would love to have them!

Carter and Monroe both adore their grandads and I personally feel like it is a massive bonding experience for the children and our parents, its where some of their best memories are made and relationships are formed, without the need of me and Denholm to be there. I know its not for everybody, in fact I know some people wouldn’t agree with leaving your children to go on a weekend break – maybe looking from the outside I might even think how can you get a on plane and relax?!

But let me explain – its called exhaustion. I won’t get my violin out, but we have absolutely no regular help with the children, wherever we go they come with us, I rarely do any daily activity without child attached to me somehow! Yes, this is the reality for lots of Mums I know. But I personally like a bit of space and me time. Without it I become snappy and irritable, I’ve always been this way, in fact I am coming to the conclusion I don’t think I am much of a people person? I need time to myself to process thoughts, stay motivated and not get stressed… I find this impossible with a toddler and baby to care for.

So for me, it is healthy to take a break. Just a short one.

I am a better Mummy, Wife and Human when I have had some rest bite.

So in all we had an absolutely lovely time away, I would recommend Palma to anyone and will definitely be going back again. That was the most relaxing city break I have been on yet I feel as though we still saw quite a lot of the city. Any mummies considering escaping for a night or two… It isn’t selfish, it is self care. I have comeback feeling recharged and ready to take on this crazy thing we called life! Plus Carter hasn’t stopped talking about all the things he done with G Pops and Grandad Keith, and I am pretty sure Monroe hasn’t the foggiest that we weren’t here for two days, she is still just interested in eating her sock!

Thank you for reading, I promise not to leave it so long next time!

Amberlie x

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