Monroe’s 0-3 month wardrobe!

It’s safe to say when I found out I was having a little girl I lost all self control and started my shopping straight away! I always enjoyed shopping for Carter, I do think there are some really cute bits out there for boys. But I have always been slightly more on the chavy side when dressing him, I love him in a little Ralph Lauren top or Adidas tracksuit, literally all his clothes are from the high street.

Things changed when I looked into the world of girls clothing. I’ve always heard people say that shopping for girls is so much better – but I hadn’t ever compared the two. Turns out it really is true, there is so much more option for girls than there is boys!

Once I started browsing I was surprised at just how many independant companies there was out there. I obvisouly first started looking in the usual shops like Next, Mothercare & Zara – which all do beautiful bits. But when I started to look on Instagram I was coming across page after page of gorgeously handmade items. Most of these companies ran by Mummies, which made it even more appealing to buy from them, as a mummy running my own business I know how much surrounding support is needed to keep things going!


I keep things really simple for her newborn clothing, I think you have to be practical and not get over excited with the clothes for their first weeks. A comfy baby grow is all that is needed, I was really lucky that lots of people had already brought me quite a few in newborn sizes. I always find you can’t really beat Next for quailty of babygrows, they wash so well – something that is vital when you are constantly chucking them in the wash after a sicky burp or poo explosion!

We was really spoilt and was given a couple of fancy baby grows from family, one of my favourites was this one from the Little White Company, the detail is just so gorgeous – its just something I am not sure i’d be able to justify spending the money on when there is so much else to buy, but it made an amazing gift!

I knew I was going to want to swaddle Monroe whilst she was tiny, I came across this Australian brand and instantly fell in love with their prints, they made the cutest accessories for her first photo’s.

We also got the must have Bow Hats for her first photo’s, I remember seeing people’s photos of their newborn baby girls with these on, and knew that if I was to ever have a girl that I would have to get one!

Up to One Month.

This is where it got a little more exciting, I was still mainly dressing her in Next, Mothercare and Zara. But I got to start getting the bloomers and rompers out that I had been desperately wanting to dress her in.

Where she was still so tiny I was doing a mixture of babygrows and little outfits. Although some of the outfits were still far to big for her I started putting them on her – I couldn’t resist!

One thing I did find kind of weird was I couldn’t find any tights to fit her! Even the first size swamped her little chicken legs, so there was lots of things that I had to hold off putting her in until the weather got a bit warmer – March is such an unpredictable birthday for the weather.

I have found Zara Mini absolutely amazing for tiny baby clothes. They are a bit different to the rest of the high street, you can get things like bloomers and rompers ready made in first size, whereas most places only do the basic baby grows & vests

Whole outfit from Zara Mini.

0-3 Months.

Now the fun began!

Baby sizing is so odd, to the point I was ignoring sizes this time around. I remember with Carter sticking to the labels and only putting him in what I thought he currently fit. But with Monroe I actually tried things on her, it is crazy just how different each brands sizing comes up?!

I had a lot of clothes in 0-3 months. I knew it was going to be summer time and that we had a holiday booked. So in my head I kept picturing her in all these cute outfits. I found it hard to stop myself buying her bits, I think I needed to get the girls shopping out of my system to realise no baby needs that many clothes!!!

A brand I had started to buy for her was H&M, I find their basic vests and bodysuits brilliant. They are a little bit different and go so nicely with bloomers or shorts. I also love their sleepsuits which are footless meaning you get a bit longer out of them!

H&M bodysuit.

I had also order quite a few bespoke rompers from a company called Remlyns make. I found them on Instagram when I was pregnant and just adored all the gorgeous patterns and ruffles. I actually brought WAY too many, turns out dressing your newborn baby in a frilly romper each day isnt actually practical? However she did look very cute and we got so many lovely comments from people who saw her all dressed up!

Remlyns Makes romper.

I also brought lots of body suits from another Australian company called With Love 4 Kids. Again I found them on Instagram and I thought they were just perfect as a base for any outfit, I actually loved them so much I brought the size up ready for when she grew – I thought I might as well save on shipping as I knew I’d love them and use them a lot (which I did).

Bodysuit and headband from With Love For Kids.

Overall I had way too many clothes for her, I hardly got enough wear out of any of them! I guess that teaches me for being so over the top – I think most Mums start to panic buy in the last few weeks of pregnancy though? I was buying ridiculous things like packets of socks, not thinking about the fact most of our baby grows had feet on them? It has made me reconsider how many clothes I buy her going forward!

Must Haves.

There were a few items that were 100% needed for the first few months. I thought I’d list them down:

Next Sleepsuits: As I said above you really can’t go wrong with these. We had so many and still found we got through them all. The quality is brilliant and Monroe just looked so cozy in them.

Large Muslins: The muslin/swaddles I brought from Australia have been amazing! I honestly brought them because I though they were pretty. Turns out they have probably been my most hand purchase yet, they are a really good size and can double up as a blanket/comforter/muslin/swaddles.

Newborn Bow Hat: I brought this for the purpose of her first photo, actually turns out it was the perfect size for her so we used it the first couple of days (My husband is paranoid about keeping hats on newborns!). This was the only one that wouldn’t slip off.

Sleeveless bodysuits: I brought some of these ready just incase it was hot when she was born. They actually came in really hand to put underthings. I got the ones with the really thing straps, I found these the best for layering her up in as there was no sleeve to scrunch up under anything.

Next size up…

So already the way I am buying Monroe’s clothes has changed. I am looking in completely different places compared to when I was buying Carters clothes. I am 100% a handmade clothing addict for her. I just don’t think you can beat it?

Some of the companies I have since come across and placed orders from for her next size up are:

Feathers and Folk – Monroe is actually a brand rep for this company (go mon!) the quality is incredible and there is such attention to detail. She is living in her Feathers and Folk Rompers for the rest of the summer! We have a discount code for this company which is – MONROE this will give you 15% off.

Daisy and P Handmade – A friend recommended this shop to me and I have not been disappointed! I have Bloomers, a romper and a blouse from here and again the quality is brilliant. I find handmade clothing is so much more durable than the high street brands, they don’t bobble and wear like the mass made brands.

Josh and Bella Kids – another gorgeous brand that I have came across since having Monroe. I have two of their Interchangeable rompers (can you tell I like Monroe in a Romper?!) these are amazing as you can switch the tops and bottoms around to create different outfits.

These companies I have come across just by browsing through Instagram, I have placed orders after following them for a little while. There are literally so many amazing companies that I follow and its hard to resist ordering from all of them! The only thing I think I find difficult about shopping on Instagram is there is so much choice that it becomes hard to look properly without getting distracted, I am not the best online shopper…

But there is an amazing event called ‘The Instamarket’ which the name is pretty self explanatory, its literally a market of all the best Instagram shops for you to browse round! It is being held on the 2nd November in Stotfold, Hertfordshire. The event is ran by one of the nicest and most talented girls I know! It is a chance to look at the items before buying, and to also discover brands that you may never have came across before. I would highly recommend following ‘The Instamarket’, It is a brilliant way to discover new brands and see who they support – Alicia has the best eye when it comes to high quality and style!


I had messages asking me about selling Monroes clothes before she had even grown out of them! I am completely new to the whole thing. I have always just passed Carters clothes on to my best friends little boy.

When I started looking into how to sell Monroes clothes on I wasn’t sure what would be best to do? I don’t like eBay or Facebook, I find there are so many time wasters on there with 10000 questions to ask you. I also didn’t want to have people come over and rummage through, I know what I am like… I’d tell them just to take the lot for free because i’d feel guilty for charging anything.

So a Preloved Instagram page it was!

I have now uploaded most of Monroe’s 0-3 months clothes onto our page:

I am one of those people that never minds sharing where I have got things from. I will normally tag the companies in any of my photo’s of Monroe, but if I ever post something and you wonder where it is from – just message me, i’ll probably find you the link and everything 🙂

Thank you for reading,

Amberlie x