Family Holiday Style!

Now I am no fashion guru…

but I received lots of messages whilst we was away asking where the children’s, and some of my bits were from!

So I thought I’d share the links to them!

First up is mine and Mon’s matching swimwear, which was actually brought from two separate shops, and a slightly different Pink colour to each other, but I thought they went quite well!



Now we weren’t the only ones in matching swimwear! Believe it or not my husband Den actually enjoy’s a matching out fit more than me (sometimes I wonder if he is more of a girl than me too?!)

Both their shorts are from Primark, there isn’t a link online for them but they are in the stores still. Primark have loads of Neon shorts for little boys which are all SO cute, but only Neon Yellow for the men – although I don’t think these boys need to look anymore a like anyway!

My favourite dress of the holiday was this White one from Zara, I received loads of messages about this one! It actually looks really different on their website so it is hard to find.

My Dress:

Monroe’s dress was from Mothercare but in last years sale, a really good tip is to try and catch their summer sale in September/October time and stock up for next summer. I think I paid £2/£3 for this and its one of my favourites!

I just adored Mon’s little Lemon outfit and Carter always looks gorgeous in Yellow. It was a cute way for them to match without being full on matchy-matchy!!

Monroes outfit is from T K Maxx they don’t have these online, but we got hers from the store in Milton Keynes which is a pretty big one – I would definitely recommend a visit. I brought her a size up so she could get some wear out of it over summer… but as you can see it was still a little too big, Carter wasn’t happy!!

Carter’s Ralph Lauren Polo was also from the T K Maxx in Milton Keynes, I didn’t actually know they stocked RL?! The local ones near to me never have any good brands in, but this store had loads!

We did actually all go a bit matching this evening, me not so intentionally? However Denholm chucked his Yellow polo top on as soon as he saw Carter was wearing his! Maybe we should make him get dressed first in future?!

My blue Denim dress was from Primark, I couldn’t believe what good quality and fit it was? I don’t normally shop in there but I have been converted by the massive one in Milton Keynes. I think a big Primark shop before Holidays is now a must!

The beautiful pink dress I wore when we went to Puerto De Mogan matched the scenery perfectly, If I am honest when I saw it in the shop it actually reminded me of the flowers at the port. This dress is actually completely out of stock and not on the Zara website anymore. I will be listing mine onto Depop soon, i’ll post on Instagram when I have!

I mean have you ever seen a cuter flamingo baby? ( I know I am massively biased!) I literally adored this outfit on Mon, Just the cutest! These frilly sleeved bodysuits are from an Australian brand which is linked below, when I saw them on Instagram I knew they would be the perfect base for any outfit!


Bloomers & Headband:

Monroe’s Yellow swimming costume was actually purchased before she was even born! I saw this on the Monsoon website and thought it was just so sweet, I love their little girls range. It is crazy all the visions you have of your babies before they are born, and what they’d look like in certain thing’s? Well she is just everything and more that I could have dreamt!


So I literally stuck to all swimsuits this holiday, I am normally a bikini kind of girl, I find where I am SO short that swimsuits can kind of make me look stumpy – not ever a look you are looking for! But I am only three months postpartum and not feeling so confident about my figure, nobody needs to see my stomach just yet! So the search for suitable swimming costumes for around the kids pool was on…

I found this one in Zara (shock) it was comfy and wasn’t too revealing, I find that what you end up hiding by having your stomach away… you quite often find you make up with by having your boobs and bum out – not a look for the kids pool!

These cover up trouser were from Primark, they are part of a two piece set. They were super easy to slip on and off, and looked perfect with the swimsuit.

Swimming costume:

This is probably my favourite photo on Moni, I can definitely see myself in her here! I got lots of messages about this outfit.


Body suit:

They haven’t currently got these ones in stock but have other designs.

This little bodysuit was perfect for the hot days and will be used throughout the rest of the summer, It is super easy to slip on and off, and a really light material so I know she isn’t going to over heat.


This photo isn’t actually from holiday but Carter literally lived in this little towel suit whilst while we were away. It was so easy to chuck on after we was done at the pool and ready to go for lunch. I would highly recommend these for any toddlers, it is much easier than having to get them properly dressed again after being in the pool, plus Carter was obsessed!

Cover up:

I adored this wrap over dress from Zara, this type of cut is really flattering on any figure – it was perfect for me as I am still a little conscious of my stomach at the moment! Again this one is actually out of stock on their website, but they do have similar designs!

Lastly these two adorable outfits that I got for Monroe in T K Maxx, It is amazing what you can find in there when you have the time to have a proper rummage!

So thats our family holiday style all wrapped up! I love to shop and find cute little bits for the babies (and myself!!) hopefully sharing these will help with inspo for holiday shopping!

Next up I am thinking of covering Monroe’s 0-3month Wardrobe, what do we think?!

Thank you for reading,

Amberlie x

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